I can read on the bike

After buying a new tablet computer, I discovered its display was sufficiently bright that I could easily read from it while biking.  I’ve gone through more entertaining books than I could have imagined.

In my first year reading (2012) I read 30 books.  This is a personal record.  And some were substantial such as Dante’s _Divine Comedy_, Dostoyevsky’s _Crime and Punishment_, and Tolstoy’s _War and Peace_.

In my second year (2013) I read another 30 more or less.

Many of the books were by authors whose copyrights have expired.  I favored Jack London, Zane Grey, and especially Wilkie Collins.

In February of 2014, noting that my cadence wasn’t as fast as I intended and that my PD had progressed to include a slight tremor, I decided to revert to my original biking exercise plan:  40 minutes a day at 90-110 rpm.  Writing in 2016 I cannot say that there has been a significant progression since then, but slight variations are hard to measure.  Perhaps there will be a clue if I can measure cadence in a more detailed way.

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